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We're in the business of being OK.

Some of us are daredevils; most of us are just...OK. And that's OK.

Helping those that aren't feeling "OK"

We're committed to helping individuals that aren't feeling OK. We donate a percentage of our profits to mental health organizations. We're currently working with Active Minds' chapter at the University of Virginia. To learn more about them, click here.

Evan, founder of OK Energy, inspects bottling at a production facility.

Our Story

OK Energy sparked to life not from a quest for the extreme, but from Evan's simple idea during his sophomore year at UVA: an energy drink that's just OK. Evan and his crew set out to craft a drink that's as OK as OK can be. A year of taste tests and research later, OK Energy launched on January 24th, 2024. It's the can-do can for the can't-be-bothered. So here's to keeping it OK

Join the OK Energy Family

Looking for a drink your customers will love? OK Energy is looking to partner with retailers and vending machine operators who appreciate being OK. Stock your shelves with the straight-forward boost people crave.